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Bailey Automatics is Perth's Automatic Transmission Specialist.


Bailey Automatics is your one stop shop for servicing and repairs of differentials. Our shop has the latest equipment and trained staff to handle most types of differentials. We service open, clutch-type limited slip and torsen differentials. So wether your car is front or rear drive, or all wheel or 4 wheel drive, you can feel confident your vehicle's differentials receive the appropriate servicing it needs at Bailey Automatics.

Differentials coordinate the power to the wheels of your car. Varying amounts of torque are required by each wheel in regular situations such as turning or driving in wet and slippery conditions, as well as in off road conditions. The important thing is that your car's wheels do not lose traction due to too much force applied from the engine and not enough friction on the road or track you are driving on. Differentials use sets of gears, clutches and fluids to orchestrate the right amount of force to each wheel, minimising the chances of loss of traction and wheel spinning.

Keeping your vehicle's differentials in good condition is important for the safe and smooth performance of your vehicle. Problems with differentials usually occur from wear and tear. Tell tale signs of poor condition gears, clutches and fluid use in differentials include howling or whining during acceleration, rumbling or rattling, clunking or banging, or consistent vibration that worsens as you accelerate. If you experience any of these noises it is worth bringing in your vehicle to Bailey Auotmatics for an inspection of it's differentials.

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